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Mindo cloud forest tour from Quito

Ecuador is dramatic in its geography. With different altitudes high up on the Andes volcanoes for hiking like Cotopaxi and Quilotoa day tours and much lower terrains like the North West of the Andes mountains from Quito (MindoCloudForest): it is much warmer (24 celsius), has more oxigen, and with lot of diversity like toucans, orchids, ferns, clean rivers for swiming on temperate water and of course sparkling creeks feeding to tributary rivers of the Pacific ocean.
waterfalls and cascades, gaps with open viewpoints that get passed through the forested mountains, this is the Choco Bio region with high endemic species that made it to win the UNESCO title as Biosphere World Reserve, the number 7th of Ecuador. Here more information about the Choco Bio region

Discovering the biggest waterfall - extreme hiking tour

Mindo day tours & 2 days tour - Quito airport to Mindo


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Mindo tours - Quito airport to Mindo

mindo cloud forest day tour
"hiking & birding"

PRIVATE TOUR. Tour for Nature lovers a minimun hiking level is required. Off the beaten path tour. Discovering waterfalls, sparkling rivers, birds in the wild. Join us for a fantastic natural experience.

from USD.80 pp
mindo tours
"mindo classic"

PRIVATE TOUR. The typical tour to Mindo with an easy hike to the forest and site interpretation, natural history combined with a visit of the chocolate factory. Lunch in town, hummingbirds.

from USD. 75 pp
mindo tour package
"2 days Mindo"

PRIVATE TOUR. After a day exploring the cloud forest is not enough and you need at least one more day. In this 2 days tour package with an overnight IN or OUT of Mindo town. Hostel and all meals included !

from USD.165 pp

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Mindo birds - please not in feeders - Choco endemic

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