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About Richard Hernandez naturalist guide in Mindo cloudforest

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An ecological concern

To preserve the ecosystem is necessary to hire a professional who understands how the ecosystem works and be able to pass onto our worth visitors the message. Simply do a Symbiosis where tourists and locals we do work together.

Why is a must to hire a naturalist?

Richard (national licensed tour guide by Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador) has worked in Ecuador for: Lindblad Expeditions groups of National Geographic, Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings, Audley Travel London, Journey Latin America, Metropitan Touring (Ecuador), GAdventures and other local ones like Haugan Cruises, Angermeyers Andando tours, etc.
Richard has also been leading groups of tourist visitors to The Galapagos Islands. In his passion for service, Richard got to work as a professional driver for U.S missions in Ecuador as well as for foreign embassies and NGOs of human rights. Smith System Driver Improvement was part of his training.
In Richard's life following the steps of his mother in the service and love for the others, he wanted to be consecrated and he did work for the most needy as a member of the Church. Social work with children, youth and adults and finally became a novice monk (order of saint Bernard, the Trappists O.C.S.O). Love towards the human being, life and respect.
With his near 20 years experienced in Tourism of Ecuador, 9 of those years as licensed naturalist guide (by Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador) he is now the entrepreneur of leading eco-travelers to the cloud forest wonders.
For more information please contact Richard Hernandez on WhatsApp 593 9 86193500 or Mobile (011-593-8)6193500 or by email: mindocloudforest@gmail.com


Mindo Cloud Forest.com brings different kind of cloud forest visitors looking for safe-educational or eco-friendly enjoyment of the Cloud Forest while they get a close look of the nature wonders.


We are committed to the encouragement of people for both sides locals and tourists, and it will bring new comers and new entrepreneurs in the cloud forest - Symbiosis. The charisma and love allows to give practical ways of understandings how the eco-system works. how the world might work.


Our goal is to provide the practical knowledge in order to create ecological consciousness with the way of thinking: “we love what we know”. We also make it accessible and affordable to those in need.

Books and film makers which might be of your interest. Richard Hernandez has been honored to meet some of their authors or they have come to visit the cloudforest with Richard:

Wildlife of the Galapagos
by Julian Fitter, David Hosking, Daniel Fitter
The Queen of Water
by Laura Resau and María Virginia Farinango
Energia Sin Limites
by Deepak Chopra
The Achuar of the Pastaza River
by Joanne M. Mowczko
by Edward O. Wilson
The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
by Luis Sepúlveda
El país de Manuelito
by Alfonso Barrera Valverde
by Leonidas Proaño Villalba
The Birds of Ecuador: Ecology and Behavior of a Wetland Engineer
by Robert S. Ridgely
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
by David L. Pearson, Les Beletsky
The Amphibians and Reptiles of Mindo Life in the Cloudforest
by Alejandro Arteaga, Lucas M. Bustamante, Juan M. Guayasamin
by Michael Palin, Basil Pao
Temple of a Thousand Faces
by John Shors
Outliers: The Story of Success
by Malcolm Gladwell
The Ancient Kingdoms of Peru
by Nigel Davies
Chagras Ecuador's Andean Cowboys
by Pete Oxford and Renee Bish
What Happened in El Cajas Is True
by Mayra de Casares
The Washing Society
by Lizzie Olesker and Lynne Sachs

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One day to explore the cloud forest is not enough. You need at least one more day. In In 2 days Mindo tour package, you stay IN or OUT of Mindo town. All inclusived !

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