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Bellavista cloudforest day trip and package

I am a licensed tour guide who grew up in the cloud forest of the north western slopes of the Andes mountains of Ecuador. The cloudforest is a vegetal strip from 2,850 meters where Quito is down toward the lowlands till 600 meters above the sea level. This is not a place for tropical deseases. Safe and bio diverse: unique birds to discover in the wild, orchids in their natural stage, frogs day and night, medicinal trees. A nature wonder near Quito. We are not a huge multinational, we are 100% locally owned tour operator with people who knows what we do and where to go. Please leave us your trip requests. We are here to help you to design your nature trip. Sincerely, Richard Hernandez - naturalist and bird guide.

Are you looking for a private and personalized tour ? We take you into the world of clouds with an inmense mutualism and symbiosis where the natural world stay and evolve in aparent silence, the type of silence we are not used to. On site interpretation is what we do in this near 20 years of experience. Let us share with you what we have observed and learnt from this wonderful unique eco system.

Yes, unique places. Of course if that is the kind of tour you have choosen previously. Most places in Mindo put sugared water in hummingbird feeders or not natural ripened plantane to attract birds like tanagers/toucans and attracting:) you to stay in those hotel/lodges. In my tours we try to avoid it as much as possible. We like to walk/hike and look for birds in their natural stage.

Bellavista cloudforest trip

bellavista tour package
"tour package-all inclusive"

Pick up from Quito a complete tour package of 2 days for Nature lovers with a personal naturalist guide. Botanizing, birding, hiking. Discovering pristine waterfalls, birds in their natural habitat, frogs. Natural History. Join us for a fantastic natural experience spending a night at Bellavista lodge.

from USD. 458 pp
bellavista day trip
"day trip"

Early pick up from Quito for a full day trip to the cloud forest. This is the kind of tour to discover the nature wonders in Bellavista Reserve and near of it in a private full day tour !

From USD. 135 pp

Mindo birds - please not in feeders - Choco endemic

Quito Day Trips-Ecuador

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